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Satellite Vast Receiver Satellite Vast Receiver  The WDT-1200D is a new compact (1RU only) chassis and cost.. Product #: DIGITV

Satellite Vast Receiver

Satellite Vast Receiver 


The WDT-1200D is a new compact (1RU only) chassis and cost-effective TS receiver. WDT-1200D is a professional IRD with a variety of input (including DVB-S/S2/C over ASI, IP) and output (CVBS, SDI, ASI and IP) combinations. It can receive DVB-S2/S/C and ASI formats of the free and the encrypted digital television/digital audio program and output MPEG-2 TS stream. An appropriate IP port equipped as an option supports DVB over IP applications, support MPTS and SPTS(support max. 6 SPTS), . WDT-1200D has very convenient and friendly management interface, the user can complete all operation via local keyboard and LCD display on device, or access through the Ethernet port on device.

  1. SCPC/MCPC and C/Ku band compatible
  2. Compatible with DVB-C 
  3. Compatible with MPEG-2 MP@ML
  4. Supports PAL, NTSC or SECAM
  5. Supports TS over IP 100M input/output (IP optional), support MPTS and SPTS
  6. With two common interface slot
  7. Multi-channel encrypted programs by the specific CAM
  8. Supports various CAS (Conax, Cryptoworks, Irdeto, NDS, Mediaguard, SECA, Viaccess, Compunicate, etc.)
  9. SDI video output with digital audio embedded
  10. Two sets of independent ASI outputs  
  11. Teletext VBI, EBU subtitle and DVB subtitle
  12. DiSEqC1.2, choose channel fast, multi-satellite multi-LNB function
  13. Memory protection for power-fail
  14. Multi-languages and interfaces for choosing
  15. Local keyboard control and LCD display, or access via Ethernet link

    Receiving of digital TV programs from satellite 
    TS OVER IP digital head-end system

  EN 50083-9 
  ISO/IEC 13818-1 
  ETSI TR 101 154 
  ETSI TR 101 891 
  ITU J.83 Anne× A

Recommended Operating Conditions
Stress in excess of the maximum absolute ratings can cause permanent damage to the device (See Table 1) 
Table 1 - Recommended Operating Conditions
Parameter Symbol Min. Max. Unit
Supply Voltage Note V 90 250 V
Supply Frequency F 49 51 Hz
power consumption C   25 W
Ambient Operating Temperature Tw 0 +50 °C
Storage Temperature Ts -25 +55 °C
Operating Humidity H 10 75 %
Note: Support both 110V and 220V supply voltage standards, but please let us know which one do you need when you release order.
  1. Specifications
Table 2 - Technical Specifications
Parameter Symbol Description Unit Remark
Mechanical dimension
Height H 42 mm  
Width W 434 mm  
Depth D 340 mm  
Input Signal and Demodulation Performance
Operating Frequency Range - 950~2150(DVB-S/S2)
Receiving Signal Level Range - -65~ -25 dBm (DVB-S/S2)
/ 45~ 75dBuV(DVB-C)
RF Catching Range - ±2.5 MHz  
Demodulation Mode - DVB-S2/S/C NA  
Symbol Rate Range - Symbol rate 5~45MBaud/s for QPSK,10~31MBaud/s for 8PSK/ 1~7MBaud for DVB-C (ITU J.83 Anne× A)     
Eb/No - 3.1(DVB-S/S2) dB  
Antenna choose control - 22(DVB-S/S2) KHz  
LNB power supply - 13.0 ±1 / 18V±1(DVB-S/S2) V Max300 mA
CI Interface
Descramble processing - Support for the European DVB-CSA    
Smart Card interface - ISO7816    
Device exclusive card - PCMCIA    
Channel Coding
RS Coding - RS(204,188)    
Interleaving Depth
- I=12    
Square Root Raised Cosine Roll-off FIR Filter Coefficient - 0.35/0.25/0.2    
Input Interface
RF Signal Input - F-Female   with RF loop out
ASI Signal Input   BNC-Female,75Ω    
Output Interface
Video Signal Output 1 - Compound Video Broadcast Signal :RCA 75Ω    
Video Signal Output 2 - Compound Video Broadcast Signal :BNC-Female,75Ω    
Audio Signal Output 1 - RCA:600Ω unbalance
low-resistance, R/L
ASI Output - 1×2-way:BNC-Female,75Ω    
SDI Output - 1×2-way:BNC-Female,75Ω    
TS IP input/output - RJ45 100Base-T
IPTV:SPTS(max 6)
Support IGMPV2,
Multicast/ Unicast
Human-computer Interaction - LCD and OSD interface    
Audio Decode
Sound Decode - MPEG-I Layer I and II    
Audio Operating Mode - Single Track/
Double Track/Stereo
Audio Sampling Frequency - 32/44.1/48 KHz  
Video Decode
Video Format - 4:3, 16:9    
Resolution - MAX 720 x576    
Video Mode - PAL/NTSC /SECAM    
Video Decoding Mode - MPEG-2 MP@ML    
Image Resolution - 720*576(PAL)
Video Output Range - 800±80 mVp-p  
Video Synchronization Range - 300±20 mVp-p  
Line Synchronization Front Dithering - ≤20    
Video Frequency Feature - ±0.5 dB (≤4.8MHz)
Differential Gain(p-p) - ≤5 %  
Differential Phase(p-p) - ≤5    
Video SNR - ≥56 dB  
Brightness nonlinear - ±2.1 %  
Chroma and Brightness Gain - ±5 %  
Chroma and Brightness Delay - ≤30 ns  
K Coefficient - ≤3 %  

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